The Underground


haven’t used my GoPro since taking this picture!


Aloha from Oahu, Hawaii, USA. Thank you for visiting!

There are two things I really love, flying airplanes and the ocean lifestyle. When I can combine the two together life is so much more enjoyable. There is not much of a disconnect from aviation and the ocean anyway. So much of aviation involves crossing and being able to navigate across the oceans. 

Updated January 2017

I changed the name of the blog from “wayfinders” to “The Aloha Underground” which is the same name for my YouTube channel.

Originally, I choose the name “Wayfinders” in honor of the traditional Pacific navigators. The wayfinder never stops thinking about where his vessel is, even on a two or three month voyage. The wayfinder has mastered the art of constant observation and he is constantly recalculating his position. The wayfinder is never lost. When it gets cloudy and the stars or the sun become overcast, the wayfinder can rely on other indications such as swell or wind to keep him on course until the sky clears again. A tiny island like Tahiti is a hard target to hit from 2,500 miles away, the wayfinder could do it all in his head. Wayfinding is not random or done by chance. As I read stories about today’s modern wayfinders and relate them to my own experiences, I am reminded of Proverbs 16:9

“A man’s mind plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps and makes them sure”.

The Watchman

In my early 20′s, I was seriously considering going into full time ministry to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Events and such during that time brought much clarity to my life. I knew I would never be Biblically qualified as a full time minister or evangelist, so around that time, my life path instead went into full time aviation. The “watchman” concept found in the Bible still fits my personality just as much as being an aviator, maybe even more. Lets just say it’s how God made me.

So basically, aviation is my career and that will account for the majority of the articles I write here. Other articles I write here may be according to the Biblical description of the “watchman on the wall”. These occasional articles I include are more about awareness or accountability. I stay away from mere speculation and internet theories. I know all too well that many many people who claim the title of “watchman” are outright oddballs. While it is acceptable to be somewhat peculiar, (we all often see things differently, isn’t this true diversity?) with anything I write, I prefer hard evidence. With professional aviation, we are hard trained to not lift a finger until everything is verified and cross checked. I will do my best to stay cool, and keep it real and throw in some surf or travel pics from time to time.

Much Aloha