Track Weather

three-cat-4sSo for my friends that like my weather geek stuff, I have put up this weather tracking page to help break down any large storms, Hurricanes, Typhoons, Cyclones, Tsunami, cut off lows (Kona storms), maybe even earthquakes and climate change/weather modification whenever the topics come up.

The mainstream media can not be relied upon to present an accurate forecast of the weather from week to week. Nobody really can. Weather is by definition, unpredictable. Any weather forecast more than 24 hours out is a guess no matter who is making the prediction. Everyone is guessing. Now once we get inside of around 12 to 8 hours, weather becomes much more predictable, even down to the exact hour rain will begin in any particular location! So for the morning or afternoon drive, the local news is fine. Anything beyond 12 to 24 hours, come here instead, click around and make your own guess!

Morphed Integrated Microwave Imagery (MIMIC) Good for tracking Hurricanes

Hawaiian Satellite Imagery Center Good for satellite pictures

National Data Buoy Center Good for tracking Tsunamis

Weather Derivatives Brendan Lane Larson’s page

Magic Seaweed Good free surf forecast & surf report page