Aloha Friends

agat to umatac hike

agat to umatac hike

Welcome friends!

I have decided to ditch Facebook permanently in exchange for an old fashioned “blog”. The information here is mine and I can edit or delete it at times of my choosing and Facebook has no rights or control over my content here.

I am occasionally writing articles on a variety of topics such as Global Air Cargo, Hawaii Inter Island travel and certain aspects of the music and “entertainment” industry. There are other pages where I keep my travel photos, and a weather geek page. Use the toolbar above to navigate around. Please leave comments on any pages and articles that you like so I know better how to keep this place interesting.

If anyone else wants to join me and ditch the Facebook and other social media apps, just ask me here and ill be glad to help. It is easy to start your own blog and they are super easy to update. Blogs are very powerful and effective ways to keep in touch with friends and family that can be kept 100% free from Facebook advertising and programming.

Aloha All and E Komo Mai (Welcome!)