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Beach House Online!

I haven’t written many posts this year as it has probably been the busiest, most stressful year ever for me with a few major life changes and other assorted dramas that I didn’t really want to make public. I quit all social media and trimmed the fat in many other areas so only a few people really know what I have been up to.

IMG_2481I honestly thought that I was going to just live out in Kentucky for a while as Hawaii is just way too expensive for most normal people and the commute was way too far for my job, however…

In a welcome turn of events, some earlier decisions I had made finally came through and the long and short of it is I was able to get another house out here on Oahu!

Altogether, I have only been gone for like 4 months total. Not only am I still in Ewa Beach, i’m actually ON the beach now! This place is amazing! We were blessed with a double rainbow last night as a early winter weather system broke apart during the evening sunset. How’z these pictures? Aren’t they amazing? (Mahalo Paul for the pro iphone pics!)

IMG_2483Well the neighborhood i’m now in is known for some of the best fishing on Oahu’s South shore but I will be using this house for something a little different.

Artists and authors are know to pick inspiring locations to live as it help with their creativity. While I am no artist, I do like to write and have always wanted to start and finish my first book. I have some wonderful roomates to help inspire me. Two of them are my children, and then Remi is here with me. She is my 4 legged best friend who I foster for another human.

My plan for now after I get this house up and running is to slowly restore an online presence. While I am firmly set in my opinions on many aspects of social media (none really positive), the opportunity to reach large audiences these days is still amazing and I have a favor to return to a man who has become a very good friend of mine.

Tomorrow i’ll be getting a pair of webcams online. One I will try to point at the ocean so I can see the beach from my phone when i’m “gone flying”.

The second camera will be paired with a new streaming microphone! and we’re finally going to start uploading regular content onto the Aloha Underground YouTube channel! I’ve wanted to do this for a while and there will be no shortage of content as I have many stories to tell myself, and many interesting friends who also have their own amazing stories to tell.

So far i’m probably going to start with Google Hangouts which interfaces well with YouTube live streaming. As I eventually figure out how to use all this technology, I will probably opt for my own content medium over using the free hosting Google-YouTube type services. I might not reach as many people, but the content will be mine. No censoring or banning by Facebook or Google or any other censors.

to be continued!

Swell of the year about to go off in Hawaii

This Wednesday a very large swell is expected to arrive and last all day, at heights above 20 ft. This means the Waimea Bay in memory of Eddie Aikau contest is on. Not much can be said that hasn’t already been said but I did want to post a image of the storm that is sending us these waves.

big fetch aimed right at Hawaii

big fetch aimed right at Hawaii

The purple colors are hurricane force winds and the arrows show the direction of the energy. As you can see, Hawaii is in the the perfect location. Hawaii is far enough away to miss the actual storm and all it’s wind, but close enough to get ALL the energy.

If you are interested more in how weather and swell work, a fantastic explanation is already available at THE MECHANICS OF WAIMEA BAY is a 26 page graphic explanation of everything you ever wanted to know about how big waves work.

Much Aloha