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Halle (Salle) Germany Coat of Arms Decoded

IMG_4891So on my way into Amsterdam last week we were asked to divert into Leipzig for operational reasons.

I’ve been into Leipzig maybe a hundred times but this was only maybe my 4th stay in Halle and I believe my first daytime arrival into Halle. For whatever reason, this was the first time I noticed the symbol for Halle upon entering the city. I was able to snap a quick picture of it.

It is clearly a crescent moon and and two six pointed stars and many of us know right away, many of the nations of this world use the crescent moon and a star on their flags.

Turkey and the Muslim countries are first to come to mind, but the US State of North Carolina, many other city municipalities and even a Rugby team (Saracens F.C.) use the crescent moon and star as their symbol. The crescent moon also represents one of the highest orders in Freemasonry, the order of the Shrine or “The Shriners”.

The overwhelming thought in my head wasn’t any ancient imagery though. I was hungry. The main objective this day was first and foremost, to get some hot food.

Taking a walk in Halle now for possibly the first time during normal daylight hours, I started to notice right away the crescent moon and star was everywhere in this city. it is in fact their ancient coat of arms. I started taking more pictures.

IMG_4894 IMG_4897

On our way down to the Schnitzel (German for hot food) place, next thing I notice the symbol plastered all over the manhole covers and the side of municipal buildings. Its funny how I had been here at least three other times and never saw it anywhere. Now I can’t NOT see it. Here are a few other places I saw the crescent moon and star in Halle Germany.

IMG_4898 IMG_4915

Can you see it? It’s right on the front of the train. Too funny how the brain works and how these symbols are all around us but we often don’t register them in the conscious. There are right in front of you, as they say, hidden in plain sight.


This sculpture one was on one of the older buildings in the market area. There’s many other esoteric symbols on the sculpture besides just the crescent moon and star. Can you name any more? The two obelisks are pretty obvious and so is the sun symbolism at the top and the “lions gate” and “Isis” imagery are all hard to miss, but to the untrained eye its “just a sculpture”.

Well after that walk I was convinced there had to be a hidden history behind the city of Halle. So I went back to my room and began researching Halle and the crescent moon. Guess what I found? Dipkis! Absolutely nothing! Best I could come up with on Google was that according to the German Wikipedia, nobody knows what the symbolism means. Wait, what?

People obviously know what it means. I know what it means. I just wanted to know why the Ancient German Saxony city of Halle was using the crescent moon and star as their banner. Are they ancient moon worshippers or more modern freemasonic shriners? Probably a little of both. Maybe a lot of both.

I began to put together my theory overnight and went to sleep on it. I decided that if my theory was correct, I might find the answer tomorrow in the Market Kirche (Church) which held the position of being the center of the ancient and modern town of Halle. Its gothic design is clearly masonic and whoever built it was going to be “in” on the secret of Halle’s banner. Guaranteed.


The full name is the Marktkirche Unser Lieben Frauen which translates into English as the “Market Church of our Dear Lady” and it is a classic gothic cathedral reminiscent of the Cathedral of Notre Dame (in French = Our Lady) or Monasterio de Santa María de Guadalupe in Spain. The wikipedia does a good job at presenting the history of the Kirche who is often referred to as the Liebfrauenkirche or just Market Kirche for short. (They also have better pictures).

IMG_4912 IMG_4904

The church leaves one of their steeples and the high bridge open to the public, so before I went inside the cathedral proper, I took the climb and got a few pictures of the city below. What fun!


With my antennas up now I felt fully enlightened and ready to enter the temple below. There is a belief that across Europe especially, but all around the world really, that there was a “Christianization” of ancient pagan temples. The most famous being the Vatican and Notre Dame which are thought to be built over ancient temples of Jupiter.

My theory was that upon entering the Market Kirche below, I would immediately find the crescent moon and star inside, as I was now certain this was a temple dedicated to Isis or Ishtar. (The Eastern Star or East Star = Ish-tar = Easter). Would my theory hold?

IMG_4909 IMG_4907

It was too easy.

Really I thought they would do a better job of hiding it. There was the crescent moon and star at the very pinnacle of the Cathedral. Big enough even my crappy iphone 5 was able to grab it off the ceiling. Sure enough, right underneath the crescent moon and star was the icon of the Market Kirche displayed in the place of prominence.

No, it wasn’t Jesus being worshipped in this cathedral. Just like Notre Dame (Our Lady) in Paris, or the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul, (See my previous post “Bohemian Rhapsody, Hagia Sofia, Mary and the Divine Feminine“) this is another gnostic temple where the goddess is venerated.


I’m sure I could find out more in this library (Bibliothek = Library) just adjacent to the Church. Oops, there’s the crescent moon and star again. Just a coincidence, again?

I really would like a day to browse in the Mary Library but I don’t read German very well. And there you have it, the reason symbols are found all over the world. These symbols are a language all on its own. It is a form of communication. “The goddess is worshipped here”.

The Marian Kirche in Halle is indeed dedicated to the ancient fertility goddess represented by the crescent moon and star since ancient antiquity. I don’t have any evidence the Church is built over any ancient pagan site like the Vatican or Notre Dame but its a safe bet.

Whoever established Halle in ancient times worshipped Ishtar, Astarte, Isis or Venus, Diana, Artemis, or whatever you want to call her. The descendants of these Pagans, along with the rest of Europe, later “Christianized” the goddess and call her Mary today but the crescent moon and star give her away. This isn’t Mary. She is the goddess Ishtar/Isis.

Isis Semiramis comparison

The Gnostics celebrate her to this day. This is an enlightening article here. The Hidden Secrets of Notre Dame and the Parisii of Isis. They are two different churches but many of the same principles apply.

Well before I could walk away I had to grab another picture of the iconography below the Madonna. This one was really weird! Make it big and see if you can spot the dragon behind “baby nimrod / baby Jesus”.


What the heck people!

As I was walking out of the church on my way to find dinner again, my eyes caught the crescent moon and stars one last time. It is the arms of the clock on the 5th tower which sits independently like its own Egyptian obelisk. Two more smaller obelisks are right above the clock on the tower if you have eyes to see.


Look closely! They are right there.

That’s about it for this episode of the Aloha Underground. We will see where God or fate takes me next. I love visiting these ancient places. Please leave a comment below and subscribe! Aloha!

/pau for now

Bohemian Rhapsody, Hagia Sofia, Mary and the Divine Feminine

I’m slowly beginning to return to social media after a life changing and incredibly busy 2018. I’m hoping that 2019 allows me more free time to work on some video projects. The first new video I have made in a very long time is complete and up on my YouTube channel. The Aloha Underground.

I named it Bohemian Rhapsody, Hagia Sofia, Mary and the Divine Feminine

I wanted to share with my friends some observations I made in the Hagia Sofia, one of the 7 wonders of the world. Hagia Sofia means “divine wisdom” and the meaning behind this name is one of the things we will explore in this video. What I saw in there was amazing. I have not been able to get it out of my mind since I left. For several nights I was having very intense dreams about arabian nights and the seven voyages of sinbad and stuff. What a intense place this is. I knew I had seen something amazing. It took me a while to process my videos and photographs and this is my video commentary.

The Hagia Sofia was first built by Constantine almost 1500 years ago, it was originally a Church dedicated to Mary, Jesus mother. During the crusades the city would be fought over many times and it eventually falls to the armies of Islam. The Sultans rename the city Istanbul and turned the Hagia Sofia into a mosque.

In the year 1935, Mustafa Ataturk, the former president of Turkey, turns the Hagia Sofia into a museum and it was he who presented it back to the world.

About a week ago I found myself on an extended layover in Istanbul. I decided to take a taxi up to the museum, stood in line, decided to hire a local as my guide, and in we went. He showed me the entire interior and the things he said just blew my mind. I was so happy to have recorded it. This was the first recording here.

So as my guide is showing me the altar, he reads the prayer inscribed along the top of it and explains the prayer is about the Virgin Mary. He says, “Vigin Mary is a most holy woman for us” twice. He then explains that Mary is in the Koran 3 times as much as she is in the Bible.

Virgin Mary Mosaic

Virgin Mary Mosaic

I have always heard that the Virgin Mary is revered in Islam but often thought, “maybe not. It couldn’t be true, maybe it was, I didn’t know”. Here now i’m suddenly standing in front of a devout muslim now explaining it to me on video! This along with the mosaic of Mary on the ceiling above the alter got my brain working overtime. I started to think that this church is named after “Sofia” but Christians and Muslims both honor Mary in it. I began to discern that there is something else going on here. I started trying to remember what I knew about Sofia and Mary, but my tour was just beginning. We kept walking.

My guide briefly mentions the Arabic statement of faith, the Bismillah, I knew what the Bismillah was and he asks if I had heard the name Bismillah in a song, I said “Yes, Queen” and he says, “Exactly”. Freddie Mercury is no longer around to explain himself, but I find it strange that a classic American Rock ballad contains an islamic prayer calling to Allah that several generations of Americans have been blindly rocking out to without any clue that they were singing the name of the most holy prayer to muslims everywhere.

In another section of the church, we stroll through the actual ancient columns from the temple of Artemis where the Apostle Paul survived a riot in Acts chapter 19. The ancient Ephesians worshiped yet another female goddess diety in this temple named Diana (or Artemis) This is another clue to the theme of this Hagia Sofia.

My tour guide next shows me another ancient Christian mosaic where Constantine and Justinian are offering the city and the church to the Virgin Mary.

So i’m beginning to ask myself why is the name of this building the Hagia SOFIA and not the Hagia Virgin Mary? I needed to get home and do some research.

The first chance I had to google around and research Sofia my first results came back as the artificial intelligent cyborg robot that was made a citizen by Saudi Arabia.

The ancient world meets the future. Are you creeped out yet? It gets better, stay with me.

Sofia comes up again and again with images of ancient depictions of WISDOM. There are statues of her and jewelry you can buy on Amazon. 100% of the time Sofia is depicted as a feminine goddess. We begin to see Sofia is none other than the “Queen of Heaven” spoken of in Jeremiah who over the millennia, “provokes God to anger” as she is a false god. False goddess if you prefer.

88520697-8F9E-499B-9CDA-87044F7792CB All of these images were still very fresh in my mind as I continued my walking tour on ancient Istanbul. As the night set in, I began to notice the symbol of the city posted all over the place on the way back to my hotel. While it looked very familiar, I still wasn’t sure where I had seen it. How could I have ever seen it before? I had never been to Istanbul before. I was a little disturbed why it rang in my brain as being familiar to me. I snapped a picture of it. You can see what looks like 4 minarets, 4 domes, 2 columns and 7 triangles in a center circle.

I later figured out it is the emblem of the Istanbul Metro, but I kept thinking there might be some other esoteric meaning behind this. It wasn’t until the next day that I returned to the city and realized the symbol was more prevalent than I realized. It is being sold in shops all over the Grand Bazaar but I didn’t catch it until the second day. Once I saw it the second day I knew that was it!

hamsa-hand-hand-of-fatima-amulet-protection-vector-5841436All over Istanbul and especially in the Grand Bazaar we find for sale the evil eye or all seeing eye “Hamsa” hand symbol. The Hamsa is yet ANOTHER feminine reference to WISDOM.

Its clearly the source of the Istanbul Metro symbol.

So what can we determine? I propose the evidence suggests that not only did Justinian and Constantine dedicate the city to Sofia in ancient times, but the modern city leaders have also.

Before we get too far away from the symbol of the Istanbul Metro, please notice the seven triangles in the center circle. This is a reference to Istanbul being a city that sits of seven hills. This is no secret. The Wikipedia page even has a fantastic map depicting all seven hills.

There is a reference in the Book of Revelation chapter 17 to the “city on seven hills” where a woman sits, who is surrounded by blasphemous names. Most protestant Christians over the past few hundred years have agreed this city in Revelation 17 to be Rome, but here we clearly see Rome is not the only city that sits on 7 hills.

Virgin Mary Mosaic

Virgin Mary Mosaic

The picture I took is not the best, but it does show the circular calligraphy panels that hang from the piers and surround the Virgin Mary. These panels contain the names of Allah, the prophet Muhammad, his four caliphs (Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, and Ali), and Muhammad’s grandchildren Hussein and Hassan. To a Christian, the names of Allah and Mohammed are certainly blasphemous names.

I will not make the call that “this is that” which we read about in Revelation. I only hesitate because Revelation says the woman “rides a beast” and I don’t clearly see that here. What I do see is the Virgin Mary is carrying an infant, supposedly Jesus the Christ Child, but riddle me this. If everything else we have seen in this building and the city outside has an esoteric meaning, maybe they see Christ as something else also?

B308BC49-B899-4332-98B0-B92F88D073ABSo here we have one of the few mosaics that actually depicts an adult Jesus rather than an infant. The divine feminine gnostic goddess always presents herself as the “Mother of God” and more important or higher than Jesus. This is a classic Eastern Orthodox image of an adult Jesus. In the image, Jesus is holding up a hand sign which we recognize as a Papal Benediction, also filled with much ancient, esoteric meaning.

This mosaic above shows the “as above so below” hand sign popularized by many popes and the baphomet images. The “as above so below” hand sign is symbolizing the exact opposite of what Christ taught us. “ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN”. Think about it. Very subtle differences, but this is the grand deceiver at his best/worst.

The Gnostic Christ, (Lucifer) is the great cosmic interloper. He always seeks to present himself as the true and living God and will accept all worship by any means necessary.


Search Google images for Jesus Baphomet and the hand symbol will make sense. The Gnostics and pagans who built and dedicated the Hagia Sofia depict Christ as an infant to the adult Mary every single time. The muslims who now control the building, wholeheartedly embrace these depictions.

The only time any of them make a full size image of Jesus, he is depicted esoterically as the baphomet goat. This tells you who they say Jesus is, or who they think is really their god.

Anyway, check out the rest of the video up above and come to your own conclusions. I hope to make many more videos on various other subjects this year. I promise to get better at it and find a place to stash the dog. She is so jealous of me when I start using the computer.

Aloha out from Mike and Remi the dog