Aerosucre 727 accident video from Puerto Carreño

Not too sure what happened here yesterday but these videos are crazy. It reminds me of at least two other recent incidents that thankfully did not crash.

The spotters on the ground had enough sense to get out of the way. Thankfully nobody was run over by what was somewhere near 190,000 pounds of not exactly flying aluminum. My prayers go out to the families of all involved.

A single engine failure should not have caused this airplane to crash. The investigators will probably focus first on the cargo manifests and maintenance records and move on from there if the obvious reasons get ruled out early.

These videos below will certainly help investigators quickly rule out “dead ends” as they investigate what happened yesterday in Colombia.

Here is the first point of view video shot from the departure end of the runway and port side of the Aerosucre 727.

Here is a second video shot from the other side of the dirt road, starboard side of the aircraft in view, also shows the crash.

The people are saying “the airplane lost a tire on the road” in the videos.

This airplane’s Colombian Registration # was: HK-4544 its serial number was CN: 21105. This was an ex Kitty Hawk airplane. Here is an old picture of it in Kitty Hawk colors before it was sold to Aerosucre.

These old Kitty Hawk 727s used to fly through Honolulu back in the 1990’s. They used to haul the fish out of Micronesia before Asia Pacific would take that business away. Here’s a picture of another Kitty Hawk 727 (not the one that just crashed in Colombia) parked next to another Kitty Hawk L-1011.


Honolulu South Ramp in the 1990’s

It’s always hard for pilots to see airplanes we once flew in accidents. I have flown at least 5 airplanes that would go on to be crashed (that I know of). It is possible CN 21105 may have come through Honolulu but I still don’t have any photos of it.

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