Northrop Grumman Super Bowl Ad 2016

The Northrop Grumman YouTube channel just uploaded this years Super Bowl advertisement.

At 8 seconds into the ad, they tell us they are now “invisible”. At 14 seconds they tell us this is “not the future it’s the present”. At 20 seconds they say “our dream has become reality” and we should “just wait” to see it. That is also what they name the video, “Just Wait”.

This isn’t the first time Northrop Grumman has advertised during the Super Bowl. This is a similar commercial they ran last year. It appears they are only updating us. It is my opinion prototypes of these next generation stealth aircraft are already flying. Here is last years Super Bowl Ad. Notice they use the word “invisible” again.

I am a regular visitor to Tyler Rogoways “Foxtrot Alpha” blog and he posts here that this is the “6th Generation fighter” Northrop Grumman wants the Pentagon to buy. It is speculated by Foxtrot Alpha and many others that this aircraft has next generation stealth, laser targeting, defensive bubbles, offensive turrets and other sci-fi like technology.

Oddly enough Chris Carter and gang are back at the X-files as of a week ago. Episode 1 of the new 2016 X-files features their version, albeit a bit more fantastic version of how companies like Northrop Grumman could have a cloaking technology and other futuristic weapons systems ready to go. If you are one of the “hidden in plain sight” conspiracy type then you might think we have had this technology since the 1940s. Chris Carter has nailed a few things before, and Science Fiction as a genre has always been predictive. I just thought I would throw this in with the timing and all. That being said, I don’t believe in Aliens or the X-files / Chris Carters version of his-story. Personally, I think it’s just really fun television.

Of course the Nazi’s had the carbon skinned, incredibly stealth, batwing shaped Horton 229 flying already towards the end of WWII. You can watch this last video and decide for yourself which of the “modern” stealth aircraft or demonstrators the Horton 229 most looked like. It’s difficult to conceptualize that the Nazis figured out stealth on their own with pencils and slide rulers but the evidence is clear, that exactly what happened.

That’s about all I have, enjoy your Super Bowl and keep an eye out for these really revealing commercials and show them to your friends.

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