Next-Generation 737-800 Boeing Converted Freighter

I could have waited a day or two with that last post updating the 737-800 freighter.

Just today, Boeing is officially announcing production of the 737-800BCF with confirmed order up to 55 airframes so far. Some nice new high quality images are available as well!


Boeings new fuel saving extended range narrow body freighter is here to replace the aged 727 (1960′s-1970s) 737-2/3/4 (1970s-1980s) also the 757 (1980s-1990s) freighters.

The press release is available from several sources. ADS out of the U.K. is also providing some details which are a little more revealing that what we knew yesterday.

Boeing has won a total of 30 firm orders and 25 commitments for the 737-800BCF:
•    YTO Airlines, based in Hangzhou, China, has ordered 10 conversions with commitments for 10 additional conversions
•    China Postal Airlines, based in Beijing, has ordered 10 conversions
•    GE Capital Aviation (GECAS), which will provide the initial airplane for conversion, has ordered five conversions
•    An unannounced customer has ordered five conversions with two commitments

In addition, Boeing has secured 13 commitments for conversions from:
•    SF Airlines, based in Shenzhen, China
•    Cargo Air, based in Sofia, Bulgaria
•    An unannounced customer

Thats about it for now. This won’t change things much in the long haul freight market but shorter domestic runs can expect to see the 738 sooner now, rather than later.

If anything new comes up or any new customers are announced I’ll put out another update then.

Much Aloha

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